Which Jewelry Fits You? See What Lovely Pieces Ivy Lane Has To Offer!

Posted on January 07 2016

How do you wear your jewlery?

Are you a classy pearl girl?

What about a jewel lover?

Maybe you love a quote or Bible scripture?

Thankfully for you, Ivy Lane has all of these and more! 


The Pearl Girl 



The great thing about pearls is...they are so versatile! These Lily Chartier and Pearl Couture pieces go with simply everything! Not only that, but they add a nice touch of elegance to any dressy or casual outfit. Ivy Lane carries TONS of pearl jewlery, not limited to the pictures shown above and below! 


Us southern bells love to monogram EVERYTHING! And why wouldn't we when it looks so darn cute? You'll love this Beaucoup pearl bracelet that you can personalize with your initial. It also makes for a cute gift for a friend!



The Jewel Lover



Add a little extra charm and glitz to your outfit with a jewel! After all, it isn't called "jewel" ry for nothing! These Enweton pieces are a great way to add a glint of something special to a more simple outfit. Ivy Lane has a great selection of both bold and neutral colors. 


Nothing is cooler than putting together your own charm necklace! Choose from a variety of Jane Marie chains and charms to complete a rustic piece of jewlery that is unique to you! 


 The God Chic 



There's no better way to share the love of Jesus than by wearing it! Flaunt your favorite verse by hanging it around your neck or around your wrist! These Jane Marie necklaces are beautifully made with a very original design. 


This simple Enewton cross necklace is perfect to add a little golden shine to an everyday outfit! Share your love of the Lord with this signature design that is special for all occasions. 


Thanks for reading this week's post! We hope you has a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2016 and hope to see you in the store soon! 

Here's to the New Year, 

Olivia Kolkana

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