2015 Fall Trends: Fringe + Flare Jeans + Ponchos + Fur

Posted on November 04 2015

The one question that every fashionista seems to be asking herself... what were the top trends in Fall Fashion during NY Fashion Week 2015? After some research meshed together with my own observations, I have come to some major conclusions: 


  1. the 70s are coming back 

  2. fringe fringe fringe!!

  3. invest in a pair of flare jeans/ pants asap!

  4. ponchos are oh so in right now

  5. it's time to bring out the fur!



Huffington Post said, "Fringe Is One Of The Biggest Trends Filling The New York Fashion Week Runways." 


Whether you wear it on your bag, skirt, or this fabulous little dress, fringe is a must-have for this season. It's unique looks gives off a slight 70s flare that is unmistakably chic and ready to show off. 



Popsugar fashion exclaims, "We never thought we'd see so many stylish women abandoning their skinny jeans, but in place of slim legs, editors and insiders are embracing the wide-leg, the bell-bottom, and the kick-flare, a sure sign that it's time to pull yours out of hiding — or invest in a new pair." 



The bell shape helps elongate your legs, and when paired with platforms, will give you an extra lean look. These flare pants fun, casual, and as you can see in the pictures above, super comfy. 




The Trend Spotter remarks that "It’s often the most likely of trend you end up liking and wearing the most – and for us this season, that trend is definitely the poncho."



These neutral colored ponchos are probably the coziest type of clothing that you can wear out! It's basically like wrapping a blanket around you, only it's hit one of the top trends in the fashion industry. Ir's a great piece for layering, plus it adds some pattern and fringe to your outfit! 




Saga Furs, when talking about New York Fashion Week, tells us that "the city was a celebration of fur. Natural and beautiful, fur was in its element as the perfect material to keep you warm and give you an inner glow that assures you – You look good!"


These fur vests are the best way to add a little chicness to your outfit. Make it big, bold, and stand out with this warm accessory perfect for a dinner out with your favorite someone. 


No matter how you flaunt your style, make it unique to you! Try something different! Ivy Lane not only loves to provide you with the latest trends in fashion, but we want to help you add your own unique sense of style! 



Olivia Kolkana


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