5 Ways to Accessorize this Fall!

Posted on September 07 2016


Choosing the right outfit is one thing, but can you accessorize it? By adding jewelry, a jacket, shoes, or even a purse, you can really make your style pop! Here are 5 different ways of accessorizing some of the newest looks from Ivy Lane! 



Outfit #1 

With this denim colored dress, all you need is a short necklace that adds some shimmer! With these pearls, you can really dress up the outfit and accent the buttons on the design. Simple earrings are a nice touch too, but not anything too big and chunky! 



Outfit #2

This is one of my favorite ways to accessorize! With a simple solid colored dress, add a patterned jacket over it! Not only does it make this outfit stand out, but lighter jackets like these are great items to start collecting for those cooler months! In addition, add some gold jewelry to make the look extra formal and sophisticated. 



Outfit #3 what I thought when I saw this romper for the first time. The slightly victorian colors and design leave me drooling! With an outfit like this, some solid colored wedges are a must! They are a bit dressier than sandals but don't take away from the outfit's beautiful design. Becuase of the higher neckline, wear a necklace that's short and simple as well. Gold goes best with these colors, in my opinion!



Outfit #4

Okay, this is technically two outfits, but same idea! Each purse being carried fits the tone of the whole outfit! In the first picture, the whiter bag matches nicely with the stripes on the dress as well as the white shoes! In the second picture, The brown-gray tones of the bag match the hues in the dress and shoes as well! In addition, choosing a bag on the plainer side when you are wearing a busier style dress won't take away from the look, it greatly compliments it! 



Outfit #5

With the shimmery material of this dress, doll it up even more and add some sparkly jewelry! A chunkier piece is the best bet for this look because of the very high neckline. You have the shimmer, you added the sparkle, and now you are ready for a night out! 


I hope you found some inspiration through these 6 great looks! Check back in next week for another post!


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